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7 03 2010

This is a test


Favourite management web site

10 01 2010

Dit is een link naar mijn favourite management site. En nu maar eens testen

MBTI dominant cognitive characteristic by Meyers Briggs

9 01 2010

The 16 MBTI types are normally represented in a 4 by 4 matrix with 16 squares. The standard matrix is represented with the Introverts at the top of the matrix, the Extraverts at the bottom, Sensing at the left and iNtuiting at the right. The difficulty with the standard matrix is that you can not visually and quickly see what the real inside dominant cognitive characteristic is (S, N, F or T) what really drives someone. In this blog I propose another representation of the MBTI matrix in which you can visually and easily see what the dominant cognitive characteristic is.

Your “way of working” (Perceiving or Judging) in combination with “where you get your energy from” (Extraversion or Introversion) determines how the outer world observes your dominant cognitive characteristic and what really drives you internally. The MBTI method provides an explanation how to do this. For extraverts your inside dominant characteristic matches with how the outer world observes you: what you see is what you get. For intraverts the inside drive is different from how the outer world observes you.

In the attached new proposed representation of the 16 MBTI types you can visually see the dominant characteristic by simply looking to the colour of the big triangle’s: yellow for sensing, blue for intuiting, red for feeling and green for thinking. In this new reprentation the intraverts are located in the inside, while the extraverts are located at the outsite of the matrix. This helps the intuitive understanding of the new matrix.

If you feel or think that this visual representation helps you as well in applying MBTI in a more efficient and effectuive way please make use of this matrix provided by 2dleadership with reference to our website: http://www.2dleadersip.blogspot.com/ and author Vincent van Eekhout.

If you have questions or remarks please let us know.

MBTI observing (S/N) and decision making (F/T) by Meyers Briggs

9 01 2010

MBTI energy (I/E) and way of working (P/J) by Meyers Briggs

9 01 2010

Conscious Competence Learning Matrix

8 01 2010

Johari Window (Human Interaction) by Joseph Luft

8 01 2010